Entire-Home Renovations in Fort Collins, CO

If you have an existing home on a property you love, J. Allen Construction Company offers entire-home renovations to create a custom home you’ll love. We can demolish and remove the entire home, or we can use the existing structure and modify it to your needs and wants.

Contact J. Allen Construction Company to learn more about our full-home renovation services in the Ft. Collins, CO, Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming area.

 5 reasons to consider full-home remodeling

5 reasons to consider full-home remodeling

While many homeowners consider remodeling one or two rooms in a home, there are perfectly valid reasons to decide on an entire home renovation. For fixer-uppers or outdated home styles, the benefits of full-home remodeling include:

  1. You love the location but not the house
  2. You can design a house that meets your needs
  3. You can upgrade an existing house to a newer, more current style
  4. Update the home to meet new building codes and energy efficiency
  5. Increase the homes value

A full-house remodel can completely change the value of a property. Call 970-568-7455 today to schedule a free consultation on home renovations in the Fort Collins, CO area.