Add On to Your Existing Space

Add On to Your Existing Space

Consult with a home addition builder in Fort Collins, CO, Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming

Are you outgrowing your current home but love where you live? J. Allen Construction Company is the home addition contractor who can build the space your family needs. We are experienced with the construction of:

  • Additions of all sizes
  • Garages/shops
  • Decks/pergolas

We’ll talk with you about the space you require and the style that will best complement your existing structure. Call 970-568-7455 today for a free consultation about your home addition in the Fort Collins, CO area.

3 reasons for adding on to your existing home

The majority of people who spend the time and money to build a home addition do so because they simply don’t want to move. If you love your home and want to avoid the hassle of relocating, consider a home addition. A home addition will:

  1. Provide needed space for your growing family
  2. Upgrade your home because you love the location
  3. Increase your homes value

Regardless of your reason for wanting a home addition, J. Allen Construction Company will walk you through the entire process and answer all your questions. Contact us today to get started on your home addition.